Machine Building

Machine buildingis one of our main strengths.. offering our clients ‘’One Stop Shop’’ forturnkey assemblies, making perfect sense in reducing costs & logistics.

Our production ismodern & equiped to support the challenages placed on us, our workerstrained and expirenced.

Although thefocus is turnkey, we have in many cases also supported our clients in suppling,just the parts they need, ensuring they can still keep control of the finishedproduct while reducing costs for part production.  We hold International accreditation asexpected by clients, for most aspects of manufacture, Enviroment & health& Safety.

Services include:

  • Welding – Mig, Tig (Mild steel, hardox, stainless steel & other engineered steels)
  • Turning & Machining
  • Surface preperation – Iron grit & Glass blasting
  • Surface treatments – wet paint, powder, HDG, Metallization, Elecroplating.
  • Assembly – Mechanical, Electrial, Pneumatic & Hydraulic
  • Packing – Trade pack to Sea freight.